Get Involved

Everyone can do something to help

Why Kids Should be Involved with Charity

1 – They learn to Help Others and give back to the community – When children get involved in charitable acts they develop the ability to help others.

2 – They learn Compassion – This is one of the most essential skills they will ever learn. We need this to work well with others, to care for people other than ourselves, to be happy by making others happy.

3 – Charity Work Teaches Humility – when kids are working with other people who have disabilities or are in other ways disadvantaged they can see more clearly how fortunate they are.

4 – They Can Learn a new skill and/or learn a new interest  – Charity endeavors also allow kids to learn about issues that interest them.

5 – It keeps them busy and Eliminates Boredom – Kids often find themselves very bored, especially during the summer months. Getting involved in a charity can keep your kids busy as they help other people.

If you haven’t already done so, make some time to sit down with your kids and talk with them about what charity means. The younger you begin teaching your children the importance of giving to others, the more thoughtful, compassionate people they will become.  Explain to them about the children in need (in these hard economic times there are so many people that are far less fortunate that we are).

Encourage your children to share their thoughts and ask them what activities they find most interesting. You can start small. With younger children you might try a penny contest. Collecting pennies in a jar with the boys vs. the girls. They would simply collect as many pennies as possible, count them out and donate to a worthy cause or have them suggest a Jar Wars contest at their school.

Next, show them how it’s done

Talk about the charitable involvements that you have participated in (doesn’t have to be major – this could be as simple as donating to United Way through your employer with payroll deductions).  Practice random acts of kindness or donate clothes or give to a drive.

Charity starts with you

Model the behavior. Children mimic the behavior they see from their parents. If they see you helping others, volunteering and getting involved with charities they will be much more likely to follow in your footsteps.

And that brings me to my final point….

The BIG pay-off

Your kids will love it and so will you! And at the risk of sounding little cliché, Charity work rewards last longer than cash!

It’s true, by giving we receive.  The more we are able to give of our talents, skills and time to a cause in which we believe, the more others will connect with us.  You will be helping people who really need it and you will feel sooo good! These connections in all their forms and complexity enrich our lives for the duration.



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